Thursday, February 10, 2011

You make me smile with my heart

I ain’t afraid to admit it, you guys.  I dingdang love Valentine’s Day! L-O-V-E LOVE! 

 I do!  It’s true! 

My first Valentine of 2011!
I always have* and always will.  All you naysayers and haters can chit your chat all talking about how it’s a made-up, Hallmark, consumer-driven holiday, while shaking your loveless, angry little fists at The Man or whatever.  Say what you want…guess who doesn’t care.  (Me, you guys.  I do not care.)  I choose to believe there’s something to the Roman’s St. Valentine and Goddess of Love Venus, to the Greek’s Eros and Aphrodite, to Cupid, to love and to romance.  I love when things get swathed in red and pink.  I love seeing people buying bunches of pretty flowers**.  I love the tacky, heart-shaped decorations.  I love the boxed little valentines.  I love the conversation hearts*** with their “Be Mine!” and “Pucker Up!” business.  And you KNOW I love me a heart-shaped truffle.  I love heart shaped cookies.  I love how people go bonkers with the special romantic dinners, special Valentine’s menus, special sexy dates and special libido-inducing aphrodisiac snacks.  I love the sappy movies and the sad songs about lost love.  I love the chocolate! 
I mean, of all of the things to be peeved about in this crazy life how can you not get behind a sentiment that just really encourages you to feel loved and give love to people?  In times like these when we’re relentlessly pelted with bad news, our world sure could use all of the love it can get it’s grubby mitts on.   More is never enough, in my opinion.  So why not take the time to tell people you love—your pals, your lover(s)****, your kids, your pal’s kids, your crazy ass family, my crazy ass family, your neighbor, your barista, whoever makes your little heart happy—that you appreciate and love them?  Why not, I say!  Is there anything more adorable than a chubby little cherub dressed in a diaper shooting love arrows at you?  No, there sure isn’t!*****  I feel like everyone gets just a little bit softer, a little bit warmer and a little bit more smiley on Valentine’s Day. 

So, Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, internet!  Wishing for you lots of juicy smooches, strong squeezes, beautiful bubbles, sweet nothings, sweet treats and gorgeous, glorious LOVE!

*Even when my Grandma died DEAD on Valentine’s Day, 1987 I still rallied to make a Candygram and strut around in my red sweater from The Limited.  RIP Nonna!
**Honestly though with the no-brainer red roses?  Really, Cassanova? Not necessary.
***I don’t eat them though because they’re totally gross.  Wait!  Unless they’re the SweetTarts ones!  Yeah!  Those are so stinkin’ good!  Those I will read AND eat.  FYI.
****I’m not here to judge.
*****I mean, unless Cupid really truly isn’t a sweet little fat angel and is really a creepy, weird bloated midget.  If that’s the case, I reserve the right to change my mind.
******No, that most certainly is not what you think it is.  What's the matter with you, internet?!  Jeez.


  1. I love how instead of putting little numbers for your footnotes, you will put up to 373809264 asterisks. Okay. Have to go back to reading now!

  2. VERY important footnote (a.k.a. asterisk #373809265): Do you know that SoY's birthday is none other than Valentine's Day?! Not the least bit surprising, I trust. xo

  3. I agree about the asterisks. I love asterisks about as much as you love library waiting lists ;)

    Happy Valentine's Day, SweetiePie!

  4. I love an asterisk! Or 6! I also love an ampersand! And an umlaut! Hope you sweethearts had a happy Valentine's Day with your cute sweethearts!!!