Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly

I’m a believer*, you guys.  I believe in lots of ways, in lots of things.  I believe in universal energies.  I believe in manifestation.  I believe in God.  I believe in karma.  I believe in angels and Mother Mary's grace**.  I believe in rules and history and consistency.  I believe in faith. I believe in retribution.  I believe in love.  I believe in destiny and the divine.  I believe in purpose.  I’m a Catholic. I’m a mystic.  I’m a cynic. I’m a spiritual soul.  I think that truly evolved people*** cobble together their own personal spiritual dynasty from various cloth-scraps of faith, and what gets you out of bed every morning is your own personal formula.  I’m a believer.  Dig?
Anyway****, I’m fortunate (blessed!) enough to be involved with a spirited, angel-filled group of soul sisters and we’ve spent these last several months drinking tea (OK! Fine!  And sometimes champagne...but only for birthdays.  Or stress.  Jeez.) and delving through Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contract—the agreements our little souls make way up there(!) before we’re even born to learn certain lessons and work with certain people--identifying our own personal archetypes and really trying to understand the core+energy+spirit+mind+body***** connection.  It’s fascinating stuff, internet.  There are twelve houses with twelve archetypes and each one has a personal significance to various aspects of your life, with corresponding connections to illness, wellness, health, physical and emotional well-being.  Some resonate with the light attributes of each archetype more, some with the shadowy side.  And every archetype has been a huge lesson for me.  Though none so far as jarring and track-stopping as where we’re at now: the 10th House.
Ahhh, the 10th House!  It’s the house that deals with your highest potential.  Your Highest Potential, internet!  Your highest calling.  Dharma rather than karma. The most difficult marathon of life is realizing your highest potential.  Care to know what archetype falls in to my 10th House?   Too bad*****, because I’m about to tell you anyway!
Hedonist. It’s the Hedonist.  There’s even a little blurby blurb about it! Like to hear it? Here it goes:

This Archetype has an appetite for the pleasurable, beautiful aspects of life, from good food and wine to sensuality. As scientific research has shown, pleasure can improve our health and extend our lives and needs to be part of a balanced life. Indulging the self is central to the psyche of this archetype. That the Hedonist is generally thought of as someone who pursues extremes of self-indulgence is more a reflection of our Puritan heritage than of the archetype itself. In positive terms, it inspires creative energy in the psyche to embrace the "good" things in life. It also challenges in a positive way the collective archetypal fear of being seduced and losing control in the physical world. The shadow Hedonist may manifest as pursuing pleasure without regard for other people or one's own good health.

The search for ecstasy parallels the search for spiritual transformation, a truth that is apparent in the dual identity of the famous Greek icon of pleasure-seeking, Dionysus. Besides being a god of wine and fertility (later adopted by the Romans as Bacchus), Dionysus also represents the goal of religions and spirituality.

Otherwise referenced as Bon Vivant, Chef, Gourmand, Gourmet, Sybarite/Mystic. Reflected in cinema like Babbette's Feast; Like Water for Chocolate; Big Night; Dangerous Liaisons. Reflected in literature like: Tom Jones by Henry Fielding; The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera; Les Liaisons Dangereuses by P. Choderlos DeLaclos.
I mean, can you even, you guys?!  There are loads of lessons here…a myriad of meaning and message.  But you know what this truly says to me?
Well, if you say so, Universe!

*Not in, like, a Hey! Hey! We're The Monkees kind of way.  Davey Jones kind of reminds me of the super creepy lipstick wearer guy who has the concerning relationship with his miniature dog on “Million Dollar Listing” if you wanted to know.
**When really, more grace ultimately lies with Joseph, right?  A pregnant virgin?  Try to explain that to your fiance, internet.

***Not to suggest that I’m evolved, per se…so snooty!  I am and always will be a work in progress.
****This is where I’ma start to get woo-woo, y’all!
*****Shake your chakras!
*******Hurray and hallelujah!!!!

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  1. I love a post that starts out with no expectations (except that it'll probably bring a smile to my face) and becomes something that has such relevance it really affects you. LOVE IT.