Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joyful surges shining bright

For as surly as I can be, I find myself happy a lot in general.  Like my heart totally filled with a big burst of happy.  Like my little soul downright brimming with glee, you guys.  Simple things tickle me to extremes and I try to hold on to that feeling with both hands and appreciate the guts out of it.  Loads of little things have made me straight giddy with joy the last few days:

·    A perfectly made bed.
·    Creamy polenta with brasciole and broccoli.
·    Whiskey Sours with fresh squeezed lemon juice, super cold.
·    A whole gang of white tulips at The Four Seasons.
·    Yellow, happy sunflowers that last and last and can be moved from room to room.
·    The bookstore.
Bloom boom!
·    Purple and red gladiolas blooming their brains out.
·    Waking up to a chocolate hazelnut surprise treat.
·    Sunny day poolside guacamole, Italian rose and fantastic conversation with dear hearts where I learned my new favorite phrase: “A new broom always sweeps clean.”*
·    Golf carts.
·    Red ballet flats.
·    Sweet, surprise bathroom mirror notes.
·    Sweet cards and emails from pals.
·    Cappuccinos with foam hearts.
·    Fluffy, miniature Yorkie prancing about in the lap of luxury eating teensy rawhide bones.
·    Grapefruit granita.  In mass quantities.
·    A night at Mozza with two of my favorite people that included but was not limited to: multiple quartinos of Italian wine (some crisp, some peppery, some like licorice and love!), burrata with caramelized and pickled something or other, butter lettuce with bacon and hazelnuts and yum, spicy, briny, lemony linguine with clams with thin rounds of garlic and salty pancetta, gorgeous shortribs and my jeans becoming too small by the second.
·    Babies who all of a sudden aren’t babies any more,but little peoples with real words and hairstyles.
·    Bravo.
·    Candles.
·    Lavender.
·    Cheese cubes, dill pickles and Red Vines in rapid succession.  (Gourmand!) 
·    Glenfiddich 12, 15, 18 sampling.  X 3.
·    My people.
·    Sunday morning rain.
Friday night sky light.
·    Sunset at the pier.
·    Mini cupcakes and long, hard (DIRTY!) hugs.
·    Snuggles.
·    Horseradish cheddar, pink bubbles and girlfriends.
·    Hot spicy oatmeal, cold morning.
·    Rodrigo y Gabriela y their guitars.
·    Text messages from you.
·    The longest, (worst) singingest voicemails of songs with my name in them.  From you.
·    Beating your ass at WordsW/Friends.  Again.
·    A perfect bottle of Betelgeuse* sauvignon blanc chilling out in my fridge waiting for the perfect time.
I hope you’re feeling as lucky, too, internet.

*Meaning in the beginning everything is perfect, right?  Shiny!  And then eventually the shine wears off and true colors emerge.  Translation: "Everyone turns in to a dumb a-hole, eventually."


  1. You definitely eat better than I do...but I do feel lucky. I do, I do, I do!

  2. Missed this until now! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are collectively tickled by our anonymous cameos! Love love love love love! Let's do it again soon, shall we?! Not soon enough, we'll tell you what. xoxo