Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Perfect little vittles

You know how I feel about sausage*, Internet.  Some would even say that I’m a bad, bad Italian—a downright embarrassment to my countrypeople!—but….ew.  I am not a fan of the links.  Blech!  I do love me a sausage and pepper on a roll, hold the sausage.   And I have been known to partake in a dog now and then at the ballpark, but that’s just because I need a vehicle for the condiments** I adore piling on.  I’m not totally insane***…I love salami, so it isn’t the flavor of sausage as much as the texture of a link, but I generally stay away from sausage all together.  I’m not sure when it started, but I know for a fact that while some people live for it all, “Ohhhh!  Let’s eat sausage!”, just the mere idea of those creepy summer sausages that come in those gift baskets at the holidays scivose the beejesus out of me.  (Why don’t they have to be refrigerated?!  Why?!)  And those miniature weird Vienna sausages in a can?  Sick!  What is that? Gag-a-roo.  No thanks.
So it would stand to reason that I would be tasked to recipe test something with sausage in it, right?  Of course!  It was chorizo****, which I don’t really have an issue with.  And you all know how much I love a nibble and snack, so I was super excited to test the Cornbread, Chorizo & Peperonata bites when they sent them my way.  And seriously?  Y-U-M, y’all!
The cornbread was out of this world super easy.  The carmelized peppers and onions were sweet and tangy and were perfect with the spicy chorizo and creamy dollop of crème fraiche.  In fact, I loved those dang peppers so much I made another batch and threw it on anything I could get my grubby mitts on last week: pasta, chicken, a turkey sandwich.  I had a suggestion to top eggs with it, which I’d totally do if it lasted that long, but it didn’t.  SO GOOD.      

So I rallied some folks to be my sweet little guinea pigs.  There was a super-fun family-style brunch where they were the starters with some prosecco, and then later that night they joined other nibbles and nosh for a sunset snackfest, where we just had to sample them with Sauv Blanc, Zin and Cab.
Verdict?  SO YAY!

*I do not like it!
**Mustard, ketchup, onion and relish.  Is there chili, too?  Yes, please!  I’m gross.
*** Shut up.
****And, after all was said and done, I realized I had actually bought  Soyrizo.  Ha!  I pulled that sucker out of the fridge after all of the other components were ready to be assembled, saw my mistake, and still used it anyway!  AND NOBODY COULD TELL.  True story, you guys.  I basically turned all of my willing taste testers in to unknowing hippie vegetarians!  Sorry suckas! 


  1. I share your feelings for sausage links. Shudder. I would happily eat your cleverly disguised hippie vegetarian fare any day :-)

  2. Solidarity in sausage, sister! Ya-ya!