Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reason for the season

Oh, you guys.   I thought that I’d be ready to stare down 2011 with the vim and vigor of the rejuvenated, but I’ll tell you what: No.  I am not.  Usually I love the first week of a new year with all of its shiny promise and glittering gusto, but I have the post-holiday blues something awful this January!  Take note: some sort of wonky sinus situation + standard post-holiday wahs + usual end of mini-vacay getaway melancholy  = me right now.  Cute, right?  Not really.

I mean, anyone who knows me knows that I generally hate the end of anything I really love: a song, a dinner party, a bottle of bubbles, a book I wish I’d written, vacation, visits and pizza.  Really, it’s juvenile…I start to get all Eeyore about the inevitable end ¾ of the way through anything good and then spend the last ¼ of it mourning what a great time we were just having.  Ah, the memories!  From 20 minutes ago!  Those sure were the days!  Cue the video montage! Then I start to fret about what’s next.  Which is usually just reality.  Which we all know I over analyze as I get older.  Which we all know is a dumb waste of time because, really?  It’s REALITY.  Look at me!  Chasing my emotional tail!  
Bubbles + hibiscus flower...captivating!
 Anyhow, December sure was a fun month for me.  As usual!  I got to spend time with some of my most favorite people.  It rained a whole lot.  There were parades and parties and prime rib and potatoes!  Floating trees and Christmas lights.  Spotted: Mary and Joseph nabbed from their nativity scene and found in a Barbie Jeep.  There was snow and salted- caramel cocoa and s’mores.  I read lots of books.  Snuggled lots of babies.  Won a prize for the lowest bowling score in a three game series. (Bowling thumb, you guys!  Shut up!)  Saw Mickey and Minnie ice dancing.  Sat in a blanket fort with a couple of princesses.  Drank lots of peppermint-laced coffee.  Fell in love with horseradish white cheddar cheese.  And there was wine.   So very much wine.  Most of this in celebration of the big day in December everyone always looks forward to.    A time to be together and raise a glass in appreciation of good fortune and love.   A time to spread good tidings and joy.   The reason for the season…
My birthday!
Yessiree…#37 sure was heralded in just the way I like it: with people close to my heart eating too much cheese and getting pickled (thank you, District Wine!) on various and sundry holiday libations.  I feel so lucky that despite the hustle and bustle of the season, my people take the time to always organize such perfectly fun festivities, slow down, and celebrate with little old me.  It’s so close to you-know-Who’s birthday (thunder stealer!) that some of my out-of-towners are already here for the holiday and ready to fa la la.  There is usually a fun surprise attendee.  And I spend my time downright marinating in the warm and fuzzy, which means I traipse around the room squeezing everyone until they can pry themselves out of my vice-like love grip.  Fun, right?!
See? Cannot escape my love tentacles. Poor Megs!
So I’m sure you can understand, dear reader, how all of that excitement and over-stimulation has left me a smidge humdrum this first week of 2011, what with the decorations put away and holiday spirit fizzled.  I’ll shake it off because there is a whole lot to be excited about: spiritual enlightenment, new and exciting business opportunities, croissants.  I hope that your New Year is off to the most stupendous start and that you?  Are kicking 2011 right where it counts!  Make it a GREAT and GLORIOUS YEAR, Tootsiepops!


  1. Susan,

    Another wonderful post :)

    Like you, I have spent a lot of energy mourning the inevitable end of the smashing good time we are having...until I read the book, "Mindful Motherhood." (Focus on the 'mindful' part, not the 'motherhood,' m'kay?)

    "With mindful awareness, you see that almost every experience is temporary, and most experiences are VERY temporary. Experiences (good and bad) are always shifting and changing, like waves in the ocean. They almost never stay; and in truth, most experiences last a short amount of time - ten mintues, or an hour, tops...Much of our tension, stress, and suffering come from trying to make experiences stop or trying to make them stay the same. When you get more comfortable with the fact that everything is always changing, you begin to pay more attention to riding the waves of life rather than struggling against or trying to control them."

    The last sentence is hanging in my bathroom as a daily reminder that in order for bad experiences to be temporary, good experiences have to be temporary too...

    Don't know if it will help you beat the post holiday blues, but wanted to try :)

    Many many blessings,

  2. Well put, Les! Thank you!