Thursday, December 16, 2010

Decubed Dynamic Duo

Vanessa: So…Tuesday!  I’m going to see his show Monday night, and then we get to see my Buble again on Tuesday at Leno!

bacibug: I know!  Aren’t you so excited that you get to spend two whole days with him?! Hey, has he gotten married ye…..
Vanessa: Don’t even say it, Sue.  Don’t.
bacibug: ….
Vanessa: Anyway, what time can you get up here?  Are you taking the train?  Get here early because I kind of need your help before we leave.  Brian is so mad at me about these Christmas cards!  I need to get them done bef…[muffled side conversation.  bacibug: Is that a Belinda Carlisle song in the background?  I would bet $5, plus all of the money in my wallet that it is.].  Hold on.  I’m conferencing Bri in.
Brian: I love your blog!  When are you going to write about me?  [Unmistakable sound of Cher singing in the background.]
bacibug:  After I come up on Tuesday!  I’ll write a special guest post about you two.  You’ll need to sign a release.  And make sure you’re especially cute for the photo.
Brian:  Perfect! 
Vanessa: OK, but seriously?  I need you to help me get these Christmas cards out.  Be here by 2:00!
bacibug: OK!  Dang. 
Oh, internet!  You know how some people toil their days away in a private office, or maybe in a bullpen with their own teensy cubicle…a little space carved out all of their own?  Not my best pal!  Vanessa and Brian have been single handedly keeping live music and the concert industry alive, you guys.  For years.  And for years (well, there was a dark year when V went Big Swanky consumer product PR, but we don’t talk about that.) they have done so in tandem.  Sharing an office like Statler and Waldorf, and dispensing their opinions and knowledge just like everyone’s favorite crabby Muppet critics.  It’s the funniest thing you have ever seen and they are highly skilled in the art of compromise:
bacibug: What color are they painting your office?
Vanessa: Bri is making us paint it blue.
Brian’s FB status: Hey, do you guys know that new Cee-Lo song?  I DO BECAUSE V HAS PLAYED IT ON REPEAT 35 TIMES TODAY.  MAKE IT STOP.
Totally candid action shot.
It’s really sweet.  They work, listen to music, scheme and kibitz.  It’s like a new adventure every day and perfect for someone like me: I know when I solicit Vaness for her opinion, gossip or advice during the day, I also have Brian’s at the ready.  It’s very convenient for me to consolidate feedback regarding my various and sundry neuroses!  I couldn’t love these two any more.
bacibug: [stuffing and sealing 45371289746 holiday cards] Jesus…how many of these do you guys have to send out?! If I get a paper cut this close to holiday party season Imma be super pissed.
Vanessa: So many.  And Bri had them all alphabetized and ready and now I have to sign all of them.  I already did three boxes!
Bri: Just so you know, there are 100 people coming to the holiday party.  200 cups aren’t enough.  So I got 400!  But they’re kind of small, so I’m just going to ask for a double every time I get a drink.  Smart, right?
Vanessa & bacibug: Super smart.
Brian: I photoshopped a Santa hat on Kyler!  Look how cute!  I like it in blue better than red.   He’s the best looking cat in the world for sure. (bacibug: he kind of is, internet!  The hat just sort of gilds the lily!)
bacibug: What are we listening to?  Shouldn’t it be Christmas music?
Vanessa: Sue!  You know I love Bryan Adams! This is his acoustic album!  I’m preparing myself for the concert next year.  I’ll probably cry! [turns it up.]  I love the Canadians!
Bri: [side-eyes his workday partner and, obviously, calculates that it isn’t worth the hassle because it’s quitin’ time and just easier to make a run for it.  He’s so lucky.] I’m going home!
Vanessa: [turns it up] I love his one! (bacibug: it was “Cuts Like a Knife”, you guys.  Welcome to 1987.)


  1. I wish I could post this page on my facebook page - is all I am saying.........

  2. I LOVE the play-by-play of your day in the office and would like to thank you for helping us sign, seal and deliver 500 Christmas cards. HOWEVER, we needed you back today to package the Holiday gifts and set up the company party raffle. Please come back!

  3. I especially love Brian's fern hat and that your desks don't match.